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== references ==
== references ==
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== keywords ==
== keywords ==

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Image: NikkiWiki is produced and hosted in the United States of America (flag shown). [1] [2] [3]

Wiki for Nicole Sharp of Frostburg State University, Maryland, United States of America (USA). [4] [5] [6]

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  1. https://help.dreamhost.com/hc/articles/360003842672/
  2. wikipedia:USA
  3. wikipedia:USA flag
  4. https://www.nicolesharp.net/
  5. NikkiWiki
  6. Nicole Sharp


academic, Alleganian, Allegany, Alleghenian, Alleghenies, Allegheny, America, American, Anglophone, anthropologist, Anthropology, Appalachia, Appalachian, Appalachians, astronomer, astronomy, autism, autist, autistic, Baccalaurea, Baccalaureate, bi, biracial, bisexual, BSc, college, collegiate, Colombian, Colombiana, Cumberland, Cumberlander, Democrat, disability, disabled, education, educational, EN, ENG, Engineering, English, EN-US, female, feminism, feminist, Frederick, Frostburg, FSU, girl, grad, graduate, homepage, Honors, Latin, Latina, LBTQ, learning, lesbian, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Maryland, Marylander, math, mathematician, Mathematics, MD, MediaWiki, MW, Nicole, Nikki, NikkiWiki, NLS, NS, pan, pansexual, physicist, Physics, Potomac, queer, Ruiz, scholar, scholarly, schoolgirl, science, scientist, Sharp, socioanthropologist, socioanthropology, sociologist, Sociology, student, TG, t-girl, trans, transfeminism, transfeminist, transgender, transgirl, transsexual, transwoman, TS, undergrad, undergraduate, university, US, USA, US-MD, wiki, Wikimedia, wikisite, woman, womyn, writer, writing