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* <code>[[videos]]</code>
* <code>[[videos]]</code>
* <code>[[photo dates]]</code>
* <code>[[photo dates]]</code>
* <code>[[Nicole Sharp's location]]</code>
* <code class="plainlinks">https://gallery.nicolesharp.net/</code>
* <code class="plainlinks">https://gallery.nicolesharp.net/</code>

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Image: Due to budgetary and logistic limitations, I have no way of taking photographs from Outer Space, and instead use the ISO 3166 code zz ("invalid territory") for photographs of Outer Space (taken from the surface of Planet Terra). Shown is a selfie photo taken in Outer Space of fellow Frostburg State University alum and Marylander Richard Arnold. [1]

Photos and videos by Nicole Sharp, sorted by ISO 3166 code.



United States of America (USA)


Outer Space

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  1. commons:category:Richard R. Arnold


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