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[Image.]  Mean circumference (C) is equal to twice the mean radius (2r) times the Archimedean constant (π): C = 2πr.  The Terran mean radius (r🜨) is equal to one third of the sum of the equatorial radius (re) and twice the polar radius (2rp): r🜨 = (2rp + re)/3. [1]

Binary fractions of the Terran mean circumference (C🜨/2n).  Values have a relative uncertainty of ±1.5696102362696618011051437320346 × 10−8. [2]

binary exponent decimal fraction metric arclength mileage
C/20 C 40030.226370797725753017408162156 km 24873.629485552949371307444624738 mi.
C/21 C/2 20015.113185398862876508704081078 km 12436.814742776474685653722312370 mi.
C/22 C/4 10007.556592699431438254352040539 km 6218.4073713882373428268611561847 mi.
C/23 C/8 5003.7782963497157191271760202695 km 3109.2036856941186714134305780924 mi.
C/24 C/16 2501.8891481748578595635880101348 km 1554.6018428470593357067152890462 mi.
C/25 C/32 1250.9445740874289297817940050674 km 777.30092142352966785335764452311 mi.
C/26 C/64 625.47228704371446489089700253369 km 388.65046071176483392667882226156 mi.
C/27 C/128 312.73614352185723244544850126685 km 194.32523035588241696333941113078 mi.
C/28 C/256 156.36807176092861622272425063342 km 97.162615177941208481669705565386 mi.
C/29 C/512 78.184035880464308111362125316711 km 48.581307588970604240834852782695 mi.
C/210 C/1024 39.092017940232154055681062658356 km 24.290653794485302120417426391347 mi.
C/211 C/2048 19.546008970116077027840531329178 km 12.145326897242651060208713195673 mi.
C/212 C/4096 9.7730044850580385139202656645889 km 6.0726634486213255301043565978367 mi.
C/213 C/8192 4.8865022425290192569601328322945 km 3.0363317243106627650521782989184 mi.
C/214 C/16384 2.4432511212645096284800664161472 km 1.5181658621553313825260891494592 mi.
C/215 C/32768 1.2216255606322548142400332080736 km 0.75908293107766569126304457472958 mi.
C/216 C/65536 0.61081278031612740712001660403681 km 0.37954146553883284563152228736481 mi.
C/217 C/131072 0.30540639015806370356000830201840 km 0.18977073276941642281576114368240 mi.
C/218 C/262144 0.15270319507903185178000415100920 km 0.094885366384708211407880571841197 mi.
C/219 C/524288 0.076351597539515925890002075504601 km 0.047442683192354105703940285920600 mi.


How far you are willing to travel to witness a rare astronomical event should properly be expressed as what fraction of the circumference around the planet you are willing to travel.


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