2023-10-14 Solar Eclipse/partiality

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[Image.]  The Allegany College of Maryland Cumberland Campus is my favorite location for Solar observing and is where I observed the August 2017 Solar Eclipse from.  The community college campus has free parking and lots of open space with grassy field to set up Solar telescopes on. [1]

The Solar Eclipse of 2023-10-14 will be a Partial Solar Eclipse in Maryland, USA. [2]  From the Allegany College of Maryland Cumberland Campus, the eclipse will be over a duration of 2 hours, 39 minutes, and 46 seconds from T11:56:01 to T14:35:47 with the eclipse maximum at T13:15:08 in local USA Eastern Daylight Time (EDT or Z-4). [3]  The eclipse will go from (AZ, ALT) = (159.2, 39.92)° to (AZ, ALT) = (209.8, 37.40)° with the eclipse maximum at (AZ, ALT) = (184.7, 42.02)°. [4]

The ideal observing location will be outside of an urban area, with trees or water (not pavement or buildings) to the south.  For the best view, Solar telescopes should be set up on grass if possible (not pavement).  Observers in Allegany County (Maryland) may get a better view from the Rocky Gap State Park Campground overlooking Lake Habeeb to the south but the college campus is more convenient for accessibility.

View Partial Solar Eclipse ephemerides for Western Maryland.

The chance of clouds in Cumberland (Maryland) is 62% so you should be prepared to relocate based on the forecast.  For the June 2021 Solar Eclipse, it was forecasting as cloudy everywhere in Maryland from Garrett County to Worcester County, so I ended up having to go to Erie (Pennsylvania) instead.


Cloudiness data is from Time and Date Aksjeselskap.

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