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[Image.]  Cartoon depiction of Nicole Sharp receiving online donations: a cartoon Nikki squeals in excitement and reaches her hand toward the computer screen as dollar bills magically materialize out of the monitor. [1]

Nicole Sharp's Website is a nonprofit educational website. [2] [3] To keep this website online costs:

  • 0.02 USD per hour [4] [5]
  • 0.41 USD per day
  • 2.87 USD per week
  • 12.49 USD per month
  • 149.87 USD per year

If you would like to make a charitable donation to Nicole Sharp's Website, you may do so through PayPal:

Nicole Sharp is a private individual and not an organization so any donations received are personal gifts and are not tax-deductible. [6] [7]

In addition to webhosting costs, donations can help to cover auxiliary webdevelopment costs such as an antimalware subscription, computer equipment, photography equipment, etcetera.

Nicole Sharp is a citizen of and resides in the United States of America (USA). [8]

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